QualiBreath sternum support gives peace of mind

QualiBreath  sternum support gives peace of mind

Stories like this one, and countless others that we've encountered, make what we do worthwhile. 

Another satisfied heart surgery patient had this to say about QualiBreath:  

"My dad went in for a very unexpected triple by pass a couple weeks ago. I grabbed him a Qualibreath and had it on standby at St. Boniface. He didn’t end up putting it on until he got home a week post surgery. As soon as he put it on you could see the relief on his face, he literally took the heart pillow and tried to throw it and asked me to remove it from the house as he never wanted to see it again lol
He has been wearing the brace consistently only taking it off for laundering purposes and showering. His words exactly “the peace of mind I feel wearing this is incredible”.
My dad had a discharge meeting the other day and I can honestly say that 2 weeks post op he looks a million times better then the pillow totters that were there for their meetings.
Just wanted to say thanks!"

Jen Kusie
Winnipeg, Canada


The gentleman mentioned in the review felt immediately the benefits of QualiBreath once he tried it on and dismissed the pillow.
Hospitals in many places provide "postoperative pillows". But these pillows may not always be a good solution, read here why.

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Jan 18, 2017 • Posted by Robert Simpson

I had by pass surgury over 3 years ago and i am still in pain from them crushing my cartilage that connect the ribs to the sternum so I ordered the Qualibreath sternum thorax vest to help and it works great.. I have tried other chest braces and none of them seemed to help..This is the only vest that stays in place and keeps everything from moving so i would recommend this for any chest or rib problems..

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