The Ultimate Guide For Open Heart Surgery Patients

Your practical guide to a smooth recovery after heart surgery in adult and children of all ages.

The Ultimate Guide For Open Heart Surgery Patients - On

This guide is a must-read for anyone who needs open heart surgery. Filled with practical tips about preparing for surgery and recovering safely at home, it also includes infographic posters showing how to protect the breastbone and prevent complications.

Healthcare staffs at heart hospitals do an excellent job of making patients understand the repair that will be done to the heart and what to expect during the first days after surgery. However, patients get fewer details about what to expect when they return to daily life at home. That’s what this guide is about. It gives comprehensive practical advice and is for adult patients as well as for parents that have children who need open heart surgery. It also includes advice for patients at higher risk for complications after surgery like women and obese patients and patients with a breastbone with healing difficulties.