• "I wish I had known about QualiBreath sooner so I could have worn it immediately after the surgery."

    R. T. - NSW, Australia

  • "I grabbed my dad a Qualibreath, as soon as he put it on you could see the relief on his face, he literally took the heart pillow and tried to throw it and asked me to remove it from the house as he never wanted to see it again lol."

    Jen K. - Winnipeg, Canada

  • "Don't know how to thank u. Why are all hospitals not giving this to their patients with incisions. I was finally able to get out of bed in less than two minutes as opposed to ten and didn't have to find a way to hold my stomach with a pillow."

    C. G. - Oakville, Canada.

  • "I tried the QualiBelly abdominal and lumbar belt for the first time on a long flight and experienced how it relieved the soreness and supported my own tired muscles. I am really happy with this product."

    M.V. - Aarhus, Denmark

  • "Your vest helps me sleep at night its God sent”

    J.M. - Malaga, Spain

  • "My husband really likes the support it gives him for his chest/sternum-especially while coughing."

    M. Marshall - Florida, USA

  • "I am having problems with my breastbone healing properly. I tried another brace/binder but it was uncomfortable and didn’t fit correctly and was only available in limited sizes. My new Qualibreath works great. It provides comfortable support, fits well and I can wear it all day. I know it will help me heal as I should have."

    R. G. - WI, USA

  • "I loved the Qualibreath for its support. After open heart surgery, it made me feel very comfortable when my incision was located. It also made me feel very safe when I coughed or sneezed. Great product!"

    B. G. - USA