How QualiBreath Helps Breathing After Open Heart Surgery

How QualiBreath Helps Breathing After Open Heart Surgery

QualiBreath is the only external chest support that helps a patient to breathe more easily while the sternum receives a constant lateral support.
Our new educational poster explains how.
Breathing causes expansion of the thoracic cavity in 3 dimensions:
1. Superior-inferior by contraction of the diaphragm muscle which moves downwards.
2. Laterally by the 7-10th ribs moving laterally (like a bucket handle).
3. Anterior-posterior by the 1-6th ribs and the sternum moving upwards (like a pump handle)

During restful breathing the diaphragm does most work and the thoracic wall moves very little (abdominal breathing).
When a person exercises or is stressed, the movements of the thoracic wall increase (thoracic breathing).
Deep breathing after any surgery is important to avoid lung complications. After a sternotomy the patient will not only have incision pain, but the ribs and the respiratory muscles will be sore. Pain will make the patient reluctant to breathe deeply, and painkillers will have to be carefully adjusted to avoid suppression of breathing.
This is why QualiBreath is fundamental to assist the patient to breathe while stabilising the sternum at the same time.

There is a reason behind the name QualiBreath. QualiBreath gives an external firm elastic support to the sore ribs and respiratory muscles, while the sternum is constantly supported laterally. And because QualiBreath has a calculated height of the elastic material, the lower lung lobes and upper abdominal area are not covered, which is why QualiBreath helps the patient to perform deeper abdominal breathing with less stress on the sternum and thoracic wall.

This is what our new educational poster: “Breathing - sternotomy - QualiBreath” explains. You will see 3 sections.

1. Chest wall movements during breathing and during cough/sneeze.

2. Common symptoms after a sternotomy and in high risk patients.

3. The benefits of QualiBreath and how it works.

You can download the poster here

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