Clinical Evidence

Qualiteam actively promotes research to demonstrate with scientific evidence that our external wound support devices can decrease wound infections, pain and pulmonary complications.

- QualiBreath sternum and thorax support

- QualiBelly advanced abdominal binder




QualiBreath - Sternum and thorax support

To further document the use of sternum supports after open heart surgery we have put together a white paper that reviews literature on postoperative complications and evaluates the use of external chest supports based on the entire recovery process. Over 85 different studies and papers have been analysed in order to have a complete overview of the current status of postoperative care for open heart surgery patients.

If you are interested in conducting a study on one of our supports, feel free to contact us for more information.



  1. El-Ansary D, Waddington G, Adams R. Control of Separation in Sternal Instability by Supportive Devices: A Comparison of an Adjustable Fastening Brace, Compression Garment, and Sports Tape. Arch Phys Med Rehabil 2008;89:1775-81

  2. El-Ansary D, Aitken J, Zalucki N, Hardikar A, Clinical management and rehabilitation of persistent sternal instability 2015

Read the full white paper here:

Evaluation of external chest supports 




QualiBelly Advanced - Abdominal binder

Qualiteam has introduced a different kind of abdominal binder with characteristics that truly sets it apart from traditional binders in functionality for health care staff, and with a radical design change and features that makes it probably the most comfortable abdominal binder today.

In this process we reviewed literature with regards to complications after Major Abdominal Surgery (MAS) and analyzed studies where ordinary abdominal binders were used in the recovery process. We compiled a White paper based on these observations to have a complete overview of the status after MAS including explanations of the important design characteristics we believe may contribute to enhance recovery after surgery.


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Read the full white paper here:

Clinical evidence for using abdominal binders