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The postoperative care kit is supplied in a washing net bag.

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QualiBreath can help your recovery after open heart surgery or other interventions in the chest. 
Decrease pain, decrease the risk of complications, minimise clicking and popping of your sternum bone and breathe easier with the help of QualiBreath. 
It is a patented chest harness with integrated handles for increased support that was designed by a nurse. Created specifically to help you recover better, faster and with less complications after open heart surgery.
QualiBreath supports your sore respiratory muscles, your chest and your rib cage with it’s thorax surrounding design that stabilises the sternum from the sides.

The vest features special handles that allow you to increase the support when you need it most. Coughing, deep breathing and early return to normal activity can be very painful after your surgery yet are very important for a quick and complication free recovery. Use the handles to get extra support also when sneezing or straining.

Using a support such as QualiBreath has been scientifically proven to reduce complications and pain after open heart surgery via a sternotomy.
QualiBreath is the only dual function chest support binder (constant support plus integrated handles) and it is most likely the most comfortable external chest brace available.

QualiBreath splints your chest 24/7 and you won’t need to be hugging a pillow. When feeling pain, straining or about to cough or sneeze, simply grab the integrated handles, which are always ready in the right position, to increase the support around your rib cage.

Female patients with breast size below cup D can also use QualiBreath. For additional comfort and privacy, the breast cover accessory can be added simply by attaching its upper corner velcro pieces to the inside of QualiBreath and by closing the elastic band around the chest. The breast cover is not a bra but will cover any breast tissue appearing below the QualiBreath.For breast cups D and larger we recommend using the specifically designed QualiBra Advanced - breast and sternum support

Here are 10 reasons sternotomy patients should use QualiBreath.

How QualiBreath helps breathing after open heart surgery.

See our detailed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) page for more information.


Seatbelt pad for cardiac surgery patients.
To use in the car after cardiac surgery or any other surgery or trauma in the chest area.

  • Protects the wound or trauma area from the seat belt in the car after hospital discharge
  • Easy to apply to the seat belt with velcro straps
  • Remains on the seat belt in the car - no need to remember it
  • Comfortable, soft material
  • Stays in the right position
  • Maintains the safety of the seat belt with the softness of a pillow


The AxillaPads are soft, comfortable cotton pads which will help the patient to protect the product from excessive underarm sweating.

  • Soft cotton sweat pads
  • Protects QualiBreath, QualiBra Advanced, QualiBra or Thor from excessive under arm sweating
  • Keeps the products fresh for longer
  • Comfortable, soft material
  • Easy to attach on the products with velcro



CryoPouch is a practical tool for delivering non-drug pain relief as adjunctive pain therapy. Fits directly on the QualiBreath sternum and thorax support.
Ease pain on the sternum incision with the two cold packs included.


    Washing Net:

    • Protect the velcro of your postoperative supports or other garments from attaching to one another.


    Here are 10 reasons sternotomy patients should use QualiBreath.

    How QualiBreath helps breathing after open heart surgery.

    See our detailed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) page for more information.

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