QualiBra Advanced - Postoperative breast and sternum support € 264.00 EUR


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QualiBra Advanced is a nurse designed postoperative sternum and breast support, uniquely for women seeking for comfort and practicality in one device.

QualiBra is highly recommended for fuller-sized women or obese patients who had sternotomy or other interventions in the chest.
One of the biggest benefits of this breast and thorax support is the stabilization of the sternum to prevent complications such as deep sternal wound infections and dehiscence.

Furthermore, integrated pockets in the sternum band can be grasped for pain control during coughing, sneezing, straining and respiratory exercises, and provide additional support around the chest when needed.

QualiBra Advanced is designed to help the patient’s recovery in maximum comfort.

More benefits:

  • Wide shoulder straps and vertical breast bands can be adjusted to prevent the pull of gravity on the breasts and sternal wound, and to prevent the risk of infection by keeping it free from breast tissue to avoid heat and moisture buildup, as well as allowing for more esthetic healing. 

  •  Soft, elasticized cotton bra cups with no seams or labels against the skin, together with an easily adjustable front closure, provide exceptional comfort and enhance compliance for usage at home until the sternum and surgical wound has healed. 

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