How a heart surgery patient effortlessly improved her recovery

How a heart surgery patient effortlessly improved her recovery

It's always a nice feeling to be told how QualiBreath helps people to recover from major surgery.
We recently received another great feedback from a heart surgery patient in Houston, Texas that used our dual function chest support band QualiBreath.

"QualiBreath worked out great for me and I am doing great. My surgeon even let me start driving two weeks earlier than expected. I wore QualiBreath during my stay in hospital (5 days) and for about two weeks after I got home. I think it really helped with my posture by keeping my back straight. I also think the support the QualiBreath provided helped with my walking therapy because I was able to start walking "hospital floor laps" as soon as I got out of ICU. Also, I rarely used the "cough pillow" hospital provided because QualiBreath gave me the protection and support I needed. Only issues I had were that QualiBreath had been put on me "inside out" in operating room, so my sister (who had read instructions) put it on me properly in recovery room and all was well. I also had to train nurses to keep EKG wires outside of QualiBreath. Nurses and other staff were very interested in QualiBreath and asked lots of questions. Thank you so much for helping make my recovery go more smoothly and, I believe, more quickly."

D. M. Houston, TX

Good to hear that QualiBreath helped in speeding up her recovery and that once QualiBreath was put on correctly it gave the full support to the patient and improved recovery. This is another proof of support to the conclusions reached in the extensive white paper which reviews literature on complications after sternotomy and the use of external chest supports. [click here to read more]

QualiBreath is an easy and intuitive product to use. However, it can happen that it is placed "inside out", as it initially did in this case. This is most likely due to the product label being on the outside to ensure that it wont irritate your skin when wearing QualiBreath. This is the opposite of conventional clothing (where labels are typically on the inside) and is another great feature of QualiBreath. It is important that staff and patients pay attention to having the labels facing outwards, since the integrated handles, used to get extra support during coughing, sneezing etc. wont be reachable if the product is turned inside out. Read more on how to use QualiBreath here.

An excerpt from the instructions for use of QualiBreath showing that the product label must face away from the patient 

We are delighted to know that QualiBreath helped yet another patient to improve their postoperative recovery.
Concerning the above mentioned "cough pillow" which was rarely used in this case, we believe that it was a good thing since such pillows may do more harm than good. Read here why these pillows might be a problem.


Have you had any experience with QualiBreath or other external chest support devices?
Let us know your story in a comment below. 


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