A burst appendix and a QualiBelly abdominal support

A burst appendix and a QualiBelly abdominal support

Our Canadian distributor recently sent a QualiBelly abdominal support to one of his collaborators rather than flowers.
She had just been through emergency surgery for a burst appendix.

The day after she received the QualiBelly she sent an email to our distributor and the response that came back to him was great feedback for this product and we just had to share it.

Here is what she had to say:

“Don't know how to thank u. Why are all hospitals not giving this to their patients with incisions. I was finally able to get out of bed in less than two minutes as opposed to ten and didn't have to find a way to hold my stomach with a pillow and try to maneuver myself up without falling out of bed all at the same time. This should be made mandatory :):):). Thank u. I owe u one and so does the rest of my family who didn't have to listen to me groan endlessly. “

C. G. Oakville, Canada.


Next time you hear about someone getting abdominal surgery send them a QualiBelly or QualiBelly Advanced instead of or together with flowers to help them recover faster and get out of the hospital sooner. 

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