10 reasons every abdominal surgery patient should use QualiBelly Advanced

10 reasons every abdominal surgery patient should use QualiBelly Advanced
QualiBelly Advanced is light years ahead from being a traditional abdominal binder.                                                                                                                               
It is a unique tri-band incision support for critical interventions in the abdominal area.
That means any larger surgery on internal organs like liver, spleen, pancreas, stomach,
large and small intestines, kidneys, uterus, ovaries, prostate gland, bladder and the vascular system in the abdominal region.
QualiBelly Advanced is furthermore for all abdominal hernia surgeries, abdominal plastic reconstructive and bariatric surgery.

It is designed to do all the following after larger interventions in the abdominal area: prevent infection, decrease pulmonary complications, lessen pain, enhance comfort, improve posture, improve breathing and stimulate activity.

QualiBelly Advanced Abdominal support
QualiBelly Advanced - tri-band abdominal support 

How can an external incision support like QualiBelly Advanced do all this?
It is all possible thanks to the proprietary design. Here are the 10 key reasons that explain how patients, healthcare staff and hospital administrators can benefit from using QualiBelly Advanced:

  1. Decreased risk of infection
    Separation of drainage systems, driver line systems or any other device systems is completely eliminated
    when using QualiBelly Advanced -
    the risk of infection is decreased

  2. No more time-consuming cutting of holes in binder material
    The bands of the QualiBelly Advanced are closed above and below drainage tubes, stoma devices, driver lines or other devices that may exit from the abdominal area, and the closure slits give ample space and flexibility for any size or form of devices
    the use of scissors or knives to make holes in the material is completely eliminated

  3. Wound inspection and care with maintained abdominal support and less pain
    One or two of the three QualiBelly Advanced bands can be opened for free access to the wound site, while one (or two) of the bands remain closed - partial abdominal support is maintained making wound care less painful

  4. Reclosure by just one healthcare person
    Unlike traditional binders, QualiBelly Advanced can easily be re-closed on patients of all body sizes incl. on the extremely obese, on condition that one of the bands is kept closed - less staff required to handle wound care

  5. Compression adjusted to type of surgery
    The compression can be individually adjusted at upper, mid or lower abdominal segments thanks to the three bands being attached to each other by a proprietary stitching method while leaving ample closure slits - unmatched patient comfort

  6. Conversion to a lower two-band support
    Unlike traditional binders the top band of QualiBelly Advanced can easily be folded down for additional comfort and back support when patients need a rest in the sitting position - unmatched patient comfort 

  7. Optional universal drainage/device holder and line organiser
    Enables organisation and attachment directly to the QualiBelly Advanced of drainage bottles or other devices and their respective lines which facilitates the patients liberation from the bed - no more need for pins or tape

  8. Compliments and protects the internal closures with a firm, external support
    Reduces swelling and potential for hernia, optimizes wound alignment and healing - decreased risk of complications

  9. Improves patients posture and breathing techniques
    A better posture improves a patients breathing which helps to prevent postoperative lung complications
    decreased risk of complications

  10. Decreases health care costs and gives a hospital significant return of investment
    Designed to prevent infections, decrease postoperative pain and pulmonary complications - significant ROI

Incision pain can be relieved by pain medication. It does not improve a poor posture
or a shallow breathing, nor does it stimulate to mobilization or prevent postoperative complications.

QualiBelly Advanced is an important key to advance recovery, well-being, hospital experience and to prevent postoperative complications which ultimately decrease health care costs.




Have a look at the product brochure here

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Sep 19, 2017 • Posted by Joachim from Qualiteam

Hi Chris,
Yes we do have them for bariatric patients as well. Would need the measurements to determine the product size. And if out of our normal range we can custom make them.
Let’s discuss samples via email.

Sep 14, 2017 • Posted by Chris Potito

do you have them for bariatric patients ranging in weight from 250 to 500 lbs.
Would like to see a sample for my surgeons to consider

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