Did you know QualiBreath also helps recovery after rib fractures ?

April 16, 2014 2 Comments

Did you know QualiBreath also helps recovery after rib fractures ?

If you thought QualiBreath is only for sternotomy patients, read this!

The QualiBreath sternum and thorax support is developed to compliment the internal sternum closure from the external side, and to assist with the issues sternotomy patients are faced with after surgery such as difficulties with breathing, coughing and coping with pain.

One of the keys to the efficiency of QualiBreath is the precisely defined elastic material which gives a firm, yet comfortable, constant support to the respiratory muscles and the total thoracic cage.
Such support is crucial when breathing hurts, as it does after a sternotomy, - OR after ribs are broken!

Last week we received a mail from a friend that had broken several ribs after an accident and needed some type of support. We chose the QualiBreath for him because of its firm, constant, elastic support to the respiratory muscles and the chest, and because it has the option of additional support when using the bar-handles during coughing.
We are very pleased that we could help him get relief.
See what he said about QualiBreath in a letter:

Doris, I did a stupid thing Monday last week, and fell out of a tree from which I was removing branches. It was a 5 meter drop. So I have a few broken ribs and a fracture through the tibial plateau. For what I did, I got amazingly minor damage, and there is nothing to do but wait while the fractures heal (and avoid load bearing on the leg). But the most painful thing is the rib fractures especially when I try the deep breathing they wanted me to do to maintain lung function. So I thought of you and QualiBreath..... I confess I was somewhat skeptical about the ability of support garment to limit pain, but it really does. It's not an exaggeration to say I am amazed! So I am really impressed with what you have achieved in the QualiBreath, and wish you all the best with it.... Best Wishes, Bill"

This is not the first experience we have with QualiBreath being an efficient pain reliever for patients with broken ribs. We have many reports of this and a testimony from another one of our friends personal experience published on our web site. Thoracic surgeons, staff in emergency clinics and other health care departments dealing with rib fractures must know what QualiBreath can do for their patients. QualiBreath is an important adjunctive tool for any condition where breathing hurts.

QualiBreath is not just for patients who have had a sternotomy. Patients with rib fractures need it too!

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Joachim from Qualiteam
Joachim from Qualiteam

April 05, 2017

Thank you for your comment. We’re sorry to hear about your grandson.
The QualiBreath sternum and thorax support was designed specifically for after open heart surgery where the breast bone is split in half and needs to heal again.
We believe it may help your grandson manage pain and stabilise the sternum to help with healing. However, we recommend that you discuss with his doctor or physician about using such a support .
Please let us know if you have other questions.


March 25, 2017

My grandson has just found out that he has a broken breast bone,which happend two years ago and has been in pain ever since, because he is still growing they don’t want to put a plate in. Could quailibreath help repair his breastbone? we are desperate Kai will be 17 years old on the second of April, he is at football academy, we are desperate.

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