RUBAN Hernia support binder € 114.99 EUR

The RUBAN binder is purpose-designed for large or in-operable hernias providing efficient, strong yet comfortable compression in an ergonomic fashion.

Thanks to the unique, proprietary multi-band design with an ample 15 cm velcro closure of each band, compression can be adjusted individually at the upper, mid or lower abdomen providing the best comfort for the patient, tailored to the medical requirements.

- Relieves discomfort or pulling sensation from hernias
- Safeguards hernia repair surgery
- Helps to prevent hernia reoccurrence
- Stimulates mobility and gastrointestinal function
- Improves body contour distorted by hernia bulges

RUBAN is available in sizes from Small to 5XL and in 3 heights:

How to select the size of RUBAN hernia support

Finally a Hernia support binder that is comfortable