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QualiBreath can help your child’s recovery after open heart surgery or other interventions in the chest.

In order to access your child's heart, the surgeon needs to make an incision through the breastbone (sternum) during the surgical procedure. Once the heart is repaired, the sternum is typically reconnected using absorbable sutures in younger patients, while stainless steel wires or cables are commonly utilized for older children and teenagers.

The opening of the breastbone places significant stress on the chest, ribs, and respiratory muscles, resulting in soreness and post-operative pain. This is true not only for adult patients, but for infants, toddlers, and children as well. It is highly likely that your child will require regular pain relief medication in the days following the surgery.

Chest braces for children are a non-drug approach for pain relief and can be an important added treatment of pain. The breastbone is like any other broken bone, but it cannot be put into a cast like other bones. Therefore a purpose-designed external chest brace like QualiBreath Pediatric is an important additional method to support your child's breastbone while it heals. Pain during deep breathing, coughing and exercise is another reason for considering a non-drug tool like a purpose-designed chest brace to help your child have less pain when coughing, sneezing, straining or receiving chest physiotherapy.

Children are usually active much sooner than adults which is another important reason for children to wear a chest brace for protection and stabilization of the breast bone. The chest wound typically heals within 3 to 4 weeks, but it's essential to understand that the breastbone, which is located beneath the soft tissues and muscles, takes a longer time of around 8 to 12 weeks to heal completely. This is an important consideration because it's easy to mistakenly assume that healing is finished once the visible wound appears to have closed.

A chest brace specifically designed for pediatric patients, like QualiBreath Pediatric, plays a vital role in stabilizing and protecting your child's breastbone. Additionally, the brace ensures your child feels comfortable and supported, acting as a physical reminder to be cautious and safeguard the chest area.

The elastic brace supports the sore chest and gives a feeling of comfort and security. The pediatric version has built-in handles to grasp and use when coughing, sneezing or straining. The Toddler and Infant version have no handles as these kids are too small to use them.

Appreciating the importance of plushy toys to decrease anxiety, all the QualiBreath versions are supplied with a plushy toy-dog that wears a mini-version of the chest brace. Besides giving comfort, the purpose of this is to help the child to understand how the brace can help them manage pain. The older kids also get pencils and a coloring book with drawings of the plushy dog showing how to use the chest brace.

The breast bone usually heals in 6 - 8 weeks. Even if children heal faster than adults they should continue to wear the chest brace to avoid stress on their chest wound in the healing period and until they return to their usual daily activity.

QualiBreath is the only dual function chest support binder (constant support plus cough support by integrated handles) and it is the most comfortable external chest brace available.

QualiBreath splints your child’s chest 24/7. When feeling pain, straining or about to cough or sneeze, let your child simply grab the integrated handles, which are always ready in the right position, to increase the support around the rib cage.


With every QualiBreath pediatric we supply a free instructional plushy toy for kids to play and learn how to use the device.