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Get ultimate protection in the hospital, in your car and at home with our convenient postoperative care kit.

The postoperative care kit is supplied in a washing net bag.

Included in this kit:


QualiBreath is the ideal product for patients who have had a sternotomy or other interventions in the chest.
It is a chest surrounding sternum support available in all sizes for adults, pediatric and infant patients.
Heart surgery and other operations in the chest cause soreness in the first days after the operation therefore patients may be reluctant to breathe deeply and to cough - to avoid the discomfort of pain. Yet deep breathing, coughing and early return to normal movement are very important for the patients quick and complication-free recovery.
That’s when you will appreciate to have QualiBreath for support and assistance. The complications which QualiBreath is designed to prevent include: sternal dehiscence and deep sternal wound infections.
Using a support such as QualiBreath has proven to reduce pain during the first days after open heart surgery.


Seatbelt pad for cardiac surgery patients.
To use in the car after cardiac surgery or any other surgery or trauma in the chest area.

  • Protects the wound or trauma area from the seat belt in the car after hospital discharge
  • Easy to apply to the seat belt with velcro straps
  • Remains on the seat belt in the car - no need to remember it
  • Comfortable, soft material
  • Stays in the right position
  • Maintains the safety of the seat belt with the softness of a pillow


The AxillaPads are soft, comfortable cotton pads which will help the patient to protect the product from excessive underarm sweating.

  • Soft cotton sweat pads
  • Protects QualiBreath, QualiBra Advanced, QualiBra or Thor from excessive under arm sweating
  • Keeps the products fresh for longer
  • Comfortable, soft material
  • Easy to attach on the products with velcro

    Washing Net:

    • Protect the velcro of your postoperative supports or other garments from attaching to one another.