QualiMaternity - the #1 maternity support belt € 45.36 EUR

Make your pregnancy more comfortable now.

QualiMaternity relieves back and hip pain during pregnancy. It adds extra support to your back distributing the weight and holding your belly in place.

It's available in 2 different heigths, 10 cm and 16 cm.

It is designed by a previous nurse with extensive track record in the health care industry and a mom of three boys.

  • High quality soft elastic material that is latex free and washable
  • Easy to use and adjustable single velcro closure
  • Hides well beneath clothes

QualiMaternity is built in a light, beautiful material that is ventilated, meaning your skin can “breathe” so the belt does not feel hot. The belt supports your back and hips, while giving a lift to your growing abdomen holding it in place. This is contrary to some maternity supports that for some reason are designed to cover the abdomen, or to have a band that goes up over the top part of the belly. This is totally unnecessary and just makes the device more heavy, uncomfortable and certainly un-sexy. This is not the case with our belt, you will be wrapped in comfort wearing QualiMaternity.

We hope you will be just as happy about QualiMaternity as our existing customers:

"I didn’t use a support band during my first pregnancy and looking back at the pain and discomfort I felt in the last trimester, I just wish I had discovered this product sooner! Those long hours on my feet at work while my belly was getting bigger and heavier, and my sore back! I could really have benefitted from a comfortable belly support like QualiMaternity.

During my second pregnancy my belly got bigger and heavier (my second son was bigger) so my back pain obviously was worse. QualiMaternity was the solution for me. I felt so much better, and my legs seemed less swollen in the evening. I also don’t have any stretch marks which perhaps is due to the support QualiMaternity gave to my belly."
- O.B.