Lucky - Instructional plushy toy € 81.00 EUR

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Lucky is an instructional plushy toy shaped as a dog identical to the figure used in the Instructions for Use for the Pediatric QualiBreath and QualiBelly Advanced. It is intended for children undergoing surgical procedures such as heart or abdominal procedures. The plushy toy dog is 25 cm tall and equipped with a miniature QualiBreath sternum support or a miniature QualiBelly abdominal support. The Lucky plushy serves as an educational tool to teach children how to use the QualiBreath or QualiBelly Advanced correctly. The miniature version of the sternum or abdominal binders are exact copies of the real sized versions, which enables the children to understand better how these products should be used correctly and what they can do to help them to a smoother recovery. Comes with a coloring book and pencils.