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The QualiBelly lumbar and abdominal binder is a remarkably light, firm elastic binder to use after surgery as wound and muscle support to decrease pain, and to prevent hernia and dehiscence.

The adjustable QualiBelly is great to wear after child birth, post-cesarean or after a drastic weight loss to support loose skin and help shaping it to the changed body contour.

In addition QualiBelly gives a great, comfortable support to the lumbar region for pain relief and an improved posture.

What patients say about QualiBelly

"Whilst recovering from a laparoscopic cholecystectomy and adhesiolysis (removal of gall bladder and adhesions around my bileduct), I attended a Cardiac & Thoracic Scientific Meeting from day 6 to day 9 post-op. The long hours sitting in uncomfortable chairs culminated in poor posture and increased pain, which could not be treated with the usual methods of analgesia due to my previous surgery post-operative complications and gastritis. Fortunately for me, Qualiteam was attending the trade exhibition and suggested I try their QualiBelly product. It was bliss! The support and comfort greatly reduced my pain especially when coughing or sneezing. I wore it on the outside of my clothing for convenience to adjust it when eating however it was just as easy to wear it beneath my clothing. I would strongly recommend to anyone undergoing abdominal surgery to purchase this product to assist their post-operative recovery and comfort. Thank you"
B. Jones

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