Drain Belt € 43.20 EUR

Secure management of drainage bulbs after surgery.

After abdominal surgery or other procedures that require drainage systems.

Discreet and safe. Practical and sporty.

The Drain Belt provides an easy method to keep drainage bulbs safe and discreetly tucked away in a pretty and sporty
waist belt for men and women.

Easy and quick inspection of drainage fluids.

Increased convenience for patients and staff with decreased risk of accidental pulling of drain lines and bottles.


The Drain Belt has two pockets that each can contain up to 3 bulbs for a total of 6.

There is no need to use pins, tape or clamps.
Simply place the bulbs inside the pockets where they can freely expand as they fill thanks to the semi-transparent, elastic material.

The drain belt is secured around the waist by two elastic bands that close with Velcro at the left side with a wide range for adjustment.

Recommended to use as instructed by a physician.


Fits Jackson Pratt bulbs and any other types
of drainage bottles.



Designed with the closure on the side for comfort and easy access.


Drain Belt sizing guide