CryoPouch € 40.80 EUR

Non-drug adjunctive treatment tool to decrease pain

CryoPouch is a practical tool for healthcare staff to deliver non-drug pain relief as adjunctive pain therapy. Fits directly on the QualiBreath sternum and thorax support, the Thor or Thor.2 chest binders, the QualiBelly Advanced abdominal binder as well as directly around an arm or leg.


The CryoPouch with two pockets for cold packs is designed to provide cold treatment to relieve incision pain and discomfort after sternotomy and other surgeries in the chest or abdomen.

It is also designed to fit around an arm or leg for sports injuries that requires cold treatment. Provides hands-free cold treatment with increased convenience and relaxation for patients.

The CryoPouch is made of soft 100% cotton material and has 2 fixation bands that close with adjustable velcro.

Two conveniently sized cold packs are supplied with the CryoPouch.

No Natural Rubber Latex (No NRL)


The CryoPouch is washable at 30°C/86°F with neutral soap.
Do not tumble dry.