QualiBra Advanced - Postoperative sternal wound protection in synergy with lateral sternum support

QualiBra Advanced - Postoperative sternal wound protection in synergy with lateral sternum support

We are extremely pleased to introduce the QualiBra Advanced.

Now fuller-sized women can comfortably get continuous lateral support on the sternum and still enjoy the QualiBra breast support for better postoperative wound care.

With a unique smaller version of the QualiBreath sternum support we have integrated it with the QualiBra and maintained all the distinctive features and benefits of both products.

QualiBra Advanced is not only a combination of two of our products. It provides an additional important feature for women who suffer from arthritis in their hands.

Arthritis may make it difficult to grasp around items. For this reason we have created pockets in the sternum support band of the QualiBra Advanced. The pockets are placed on each side of the sternum and allows the patient to place her thumbs or her fingers inside without the need to bend her joints. She will be able to effectively manage additional pain such as when she needs to cough, sneeze or perform respiratory exercises, simply by bringing the hands towards each other without it requires a great deal of strength.

 Bringing the two pockets together reinforces the circumferential support around the chest.

The QualiBra Advanced is as easy to position as our regular QualiBra, since the sternum support band is attached to the under-bust band of the QualiBra at the back side. Just one additional step which is to attach the Velcro closure at the front left side of the patient.

QualiBra Advanced may provide fuller-sized women with essential prevention of postoperative complications:

  • Less wound complications since heat and moisture generation and pull on the sternum sutures are prevented
  • Continuous lateral support on the sternum to help prevent complications such as deep sternal wound infections and dehiscence.
  • More aesthetic wound healing since the wound is not being squeezed and deformed
  • Wound inspection and care while breast support and the woman’s dignity is maintained.
  • Comfort and feeling of security 

What do you think of this new preventive care product ?


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