Here is why external chest supports really help after heart surgery

Here is why external chest supports really help after heart surgery

In a recently published white paper D. Hjorth, the designer behind all Qualiteam products, evaluates external chest supports based on the entire recovery process, in and out of the hospital, to avoid offsetting costs for health care providers in the form of long term complications and medication.

You can read the complete white paper here.

"In spite of improved surgical techniques, the incidence of complications after sternotomy procedures have been stable during the last decade, and is costing the health care system enormous sums. A significant number of sternal wound complications are discovered after discharge, which has shifted the focus to postoperative care. There is an increased interest in alternative, non-surgical treatments, such as the use of external chest support devices as an adjunctive method to decrease postoperative complications and the related health care costs.

Several external chest support devices have been shown to decrease the incidence of deep sternal wound infections (DSWI) and dehiscence. If an external support device improves sternal stability but causes discomfort, pain or restrains activities, the clinical and cost advantages are most likely offset by long term complications and medications post-discharge, and it is difficult to assure that patients continue to use a device at home until the sternum has healed properly.

The decision to use a specific device must be based on how the patient’s entire recovery process is improved in the hospital and at home, and how sternal wound infections, dehiscence, pain, and pulmonary complications are addressed, including whether there is a positive effect on patient function, comfort, ease of breathing, and ease of exercise activities.

The purpose of this documentation is to review literature on complications following a sternotomy procedure, and evaluate the experience with external chest supports with regards to clinical evidence, cost justification, and essential functions,. The conclusion is that the QualiBreath external chest support presently has the highest potential for improving a patient’s entire recovery in the hospital and at home."

If you are interested in learning more about QualiBreath you can check out this video below or the product information page here.


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