QualiBreath 101 - General FAQ's

QualiBreath 101 - General FAQ's


This is the first part of a series of Blog posts talking in depth about QualiBreath sternum and thorax support.
In here we are going to go through all the FAQ's one category at a time and we want to give you an easy and simple overview of what this special postoperative product is, what it can do and how you can benefit from it if you have had an open heart surgery or other surgeries in the chest and sternum area. 


Generally about QualiBreath:

What is QualiBreath?
QualiBreath is a dual-functional external sternum and thorax support for sternotomy patients (a surgical procedure in which the sternum is divided) which consists of an adjustable, chest circumferential, elastic band with integrated bar handles and adjustable shoulder straps.

What does dual-functional mean?
QualiBreath functions in two ways.
1. it gives you a constant, lateral support on your sternum by the firm, circumferential chest band, and
2. you can grasp the integrated handles to give yourself additional circumferential tension and support when coughing and sneezing.


Who should use QualiBreath?
QualiBreath is strongly recommended for all patients at high risk for postoperative complications e.g. obese, diabetes, preoperative renal failure, previous myocardial infarction, osteoporosis, age, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic cough, and current smokers. [26,46,59]

Is QualiBreath only for sternotomy patients?
No, it is for all patients who experience breathing discomfort and pain, e.g. surgeries in the chest, ribs and chest trauma patients. Patients with broken ribs have greatly benefitted from using QualiBreath ( see testimonies here )

Can women use QualiBreath?
Yes, QualiBreath is for male and for female patients with small bra cup sizes. If you are a woman wearing a bra with a cup size C or higher you should wear a soft, supportive bra with integrated sternum support such as the QualiBra Advanced. QualiBra Advanced prevents any pulling on the sternal wound from the weight of the breast tissue while providing a constant lateral sternal support.

Has QualiBreath been clinically proven?
Yes. QualiBreath is the only external chest support that has been evaluated for a broad range of important criteria for postoperative recovery. It was shown to significantly decrease pain and sternal separation in patients with chronic instability, and it had a positive effect on patient function, comfort, ease of breathing, and ease of exercise activities.[80] Other evaluations of various external chest supports have shown that a firm external complementary support to the internal sternal closure significantly decreases sternal wound infections. [75,78-84,86]

If you are interested in reading up on all the references we suggest you have a look at the White Paper "Evaluation of external chest supports based on the entire recovery process in and out of the hospital to avoid offset costs of long term complications and medications" where all references are listed. Furthermore, this publication explains why a postoperative support such as QualiBreath is recommended to help achieve a better and complication free recovery. 

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