10 key reasons sternotomy patients should use QualiBreath

April 25, 2014

10 key reasons sternotomy patients should use QualiBreath

QualiBreath is the ideal product for patients who have had a sternotomy or other interventions in the chest.
It is a chest surrounding sternum support with integrated handles for increased support available in all sizes for adults, pediatric and infant patients. Heart surgery and other operations in the chest cause soreness in the first days after the operation therefore patients may be reluctant to breathe deeply and to cough - to avoid the discomfort of pain. Yet deep breathing, coughing and early return to normal movement are very important for the patients quick and complication-free recovery.

Here are 10 key reasons why sternotomy patients should use QualiBreath:

  1. Dual-functional external chest support
    Constant lateral support on the sternum and patient-activated reinforcement handles during coughing, sneezing, pain.

  2. Documented positive effect on patient’s entire recovery process
    Improves sternal stability, pain relief, ease of breathing, comfort, patient function, ease of activities and exercise.

  3. Decreases deep sternal wound infections
    Documented effect of a firm, constant external support on the chest and sternum.

  4. Keeps the lower lung lobes and the upper abdominal area free
    Secures unrestricted deep respiration and increased comfort.

  5. Supports the respiratory muscles and relieves pain
    The firm, elastic material encourages deep breathing and coughing to clear the lungs of atelectasis and secretions.

  6. Compliments the internal closure from the outside
    Increases the potential for an optimal sternal alignment.

  7. Unmatched comfort
    Adjustable tension with the ability to loosen or tighten to near rigid state which increases compliance with usage in the hospital and at home.

  8. Important adjunctive recovery treatment
    Constant “reminder” to the patient that encourages mobilization and exercise of the upper limbs which increases blood supply and stimulates healing of the fractured sternum.

  9. Important psychological aid to put the patient in control of his own recovery
    Helps the patient to handle responsibility for sternum protection and wound care after discharge.

  10. Decreases health care costs and gives a hospital significant return of investment
    Prevents sternal infections, decreases postoperative pain and pulmonary complications.

References: All literature references are summarized, described and listed in the white paper titled: “Evaluation of external chest supports based on the entire recovery process in and out of the hospital to avoid offset costs of long term complications and medications” and available here on www.qualiteam.com


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